For many people, problems with one’s family can be a very difficult experience. Finding the help you need to get you through this experience can be even harder. We understand the struggles that one faces when dealing with family law problems. Here, we can help guide you to a positive solution that best fits your present and future needs. We offer several different types of services, including:

  • Matters relating to Marriage and registration
  • Matters relating to Divorce, dissolution of Christian, Muslim & foreign marriages.
  • Matters relating to Guardians and wards Act.
  • Matters relating to Hindu adoption and maintenance Act.
  • Matters relating to Special marriage Act, 1954
  • Foreign marriages Act, 1955
  • Succession Act, 1925
  • Hindu marriage Act, 1955
  • Hindu Adoption and maintenance Act, 1956
  • Christian Marriages Act, 1872
  • Marriage Validation Act, 1892
  • Muslim women (protection of Rights on Divorce ) Act, 1986
  • Dowry prohibition Act, 1961
  • Child marriage restraint Act, 1929.
  • Divorce Act, 1869
  • Marriage Registration
  • Estate Planning- Wills, Probate and Family Partition