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Criminal Law

If you are being charged with a crime, then you are “innocent until proven guilty,” but it may not feel that way at the time. Whether it is your reputation or freedom that is at stake, defending your case without legal counsel is a risky endeavor.

Civil Litigation

When business or individuals are harmed by actions of another, the natural progression is for them to become involved in a legal dispute. For the majority of our civil litigation clients, our objective is to right the wrong, honor an agreement.

Family Law

For many people, problems with one’s family can be a very difficult experience. Finding the help you need to get you through this experience can be even harder. We understand the struggles that one faces when dealing with family law problems.

Business Law

Starting a new business or running a current business can be a challenge due to the maze of laws and regulations that must be adhered to.

Real Estate

Real Estate is commonly a person’s most valuable asset. During a real estate transaction, all parties involved have specific interests that need to be protected.

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